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This website is my personal Life Essay…. at the age of 80! I’ve written about my recent life – my adventures in Colombia, Ukraine and The Philippines in a Google blog. I also wrote a story of my life, also in a Google blog. But this website is my own. This essay is very much about what I believe, from a Christian but also a secular point of view, using sources from physics and philosophy. And this brings up many mysteries, because although I believe in many things which are treated as fairy-tales by many people, I can’t explain them either!

I guess many people wouldn’t consider me as truly Christian, especially those who treat the Bible as truth and take it quite literally. But, during the past 20 years, I have embraced many subjects from a scientific point of view which actually help my pseudo-Christianity.

Each page has a subject that challenges me… and I hope, you too! I want to add a “master page” (A Summary) which takes the visitor on a journey through the website but that is taking a little while to work out!

Steve Brown, Arrecife, The Canary Islands. 30th April 2024

Sunrise in Arrecife